New! Sort Yourself Out: Procrastination

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Sort Yourself Out: Procrastination is a deck of 162 cards that are designed to provide you with insights to help get you moving on whatever things in your life matter to you.

Research in cognitive-behavioral psychology suggests that the way we think affects how we feel and how we behave. Most of the way we think—our internal dialogue—is automatic and gets accepted as true without question. And cognitive-behavioral psychology suggests that you will have to question your internal dialogue if you truly want to move forward with your task.


To make sure you’re considering a comprehensive set of influences, Sort Yourself Out: Procrastination first presents you with a set of Thought cards that contain 146 common statements that people tend to tell themselves to justify why they’re putting something off—statements that affect procrastination and motivation. An additional four Thought cards are blank so you can add your own thoughts to the deck.

To help you sort yourself out on your procrastination, the deck also contains 12 Question cards to help you challenge your rationalizations for not getting started or moving forward. These Question cards—based in cognitive-behavioral psychology and Motivational Interviewing—can help you dispute and overcome your unhelpful resistance to getting on with your projects.

The Kickstarter funding project will last through the end of November. Come check us out!