Alice and the Graceful White Rabbit

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A book by John Langdon, with illustrations by Glenn Mayer.

Alice and the Graceful White Rabbit is a fun and mostly faithful modern retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Written in contemporary English, this new version embeds, with varying degrees of subtlety, several hundred references to the songs and artists that make up the history of rock and roll from the 1950s to the present.

Read a portion of the first chapter…aatgwr-sample-chapter

Early readers have been positive and favorable.

“It’s amusing. I like it!” Will Shortz, New York Times crossword puzzle editor

“It is a mischievous read!” Suze Rotolo, author of A Freewheelin’ Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties.

“Your sample chapter is fabulous: imaginative, entertaining, sparkling prose, and the rock n’ roll angle is brilliant.” Rich Berlin, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts; Editor of Poets on Prozac and author of How JFK Killed My Father, a collection of poems about illness and the healing arts.

About the author…

John Langdon is a word guy. He writes, draws, designs, and paints words for most of his waking hours. He’s best known for his ambigrams, an art form he pioneered in the 1970s. Ambigrams are the focus of his previous book, Wordplay (1992, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, and 2005, Broadway Books). John created the ambigrams for Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, and is the namesake for Dan’s perennial protagonist, symbologist Robert Langdon. In addition to his careers as an artist, designer, and writer, John has taught typography courses at Drexel University for 27 years.