Writer’s Resource: Personality

Writer’s Resource: Personality contains 45 cards for generating personality profiles for the adult characters in your stories and 9 Writer’s Resource: Temperament cards for exploring the psychology of infant, child, and early adolescent story characters. After our successful Kickstarter campaign, the card deck is now available on Amazon!

Each card presents a pair of traits as two contrasting extremes, with one trait printed rightside-up, the other upside-down. Each trait includes a brief elaboration of its principal features.

The traits in Writer’s Resource: Personality cards and their elaborations are based on attributes from the Five Factor Model. The Five Factor Model is a prominent psychological model for describing personality that was developed over decades by a lot of independent researchers who sought to distill personality to its core attributes. Each card is color-coded and has an icon that identifies which of the Five Factors with which it is associated.

The cards in the Writers’ Resource: Temperament deck were adapted from Thomas and Chess’s classic 1950s research of behavioral traits in infants and children.

There are many ways to generate personalities for your story characters: randomly, through trial-and-error, intentionally select a few traits and randomly add more, by process of elimination, and more! Or use the cards as story starters, for writing challenges, or character analysis. Or just improvise: the cards are a flexible prompt with which to consider character personality.



To learn more about the deck and the many ways to use it, please refer to this PDF.


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